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Ellen Burr

Ellen Burr: Flutes
Sara Schoenbeck: Bassoon
Jeanette Kangas: Percussion
Andrew Pask: Clarinet
Steuart Liebig: Contrabass Guitar

Ball of Yarn          C flute     7:23
Canon-Cards-Canon I     alto flute, bassoon     6:59
Permutations '62     C flute, clarinet     8:52
Four Square     C flute, drums & percussion     16:11
Senbazuru     alto flute, prepared bass     8:49
Canon-Cards-Canon II     alto flute, bassoon     7:04
Warp & Weave     C flute     7:31

All songs composed by Ellen Burr.  However, since improvisation is at least 50% of all tunes,
these tunes wouldn't exist like they are without the wonderful players that I get to call friends.
Thank you all for your talent and time.

This CD is supported in part through "Subito," the quick advancement grant program of the
Los Aneles Chapter of the American Composers Forum.

Graphic Scores: Ellen Burr
Illustration:  Ellen Burr from her book Dream Drawings
Design/Layout: Steve
Recorded, mixed & mastered at Newzone Studios by Wayne Peet, Los Angeles 2002-05
Ellen Burr plays on a Yamaha C flute and Eva Kingma open-hole alto flute.
Jeanette Kangas plays Paiste cymbals exclusively.

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Click Here to listen to the first 8 minutes of
"Four Square"

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Coming soon...

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